Helping financial institutions leverage fintech solutions

Develop Leading edge fintech Apps in partnership with startup(s)

Solcapco, was founded by Pk Jain in 2015. We’ve had over 25 years’s experience in Global Finance encompassing Capital Markets, Sales, Trading, Management and Analytics/Modeling.  Based in Metro Philadelphia/Wilmington and in close proximity to NYC,  our focus is two fold: helping financial institutions to intersect with disruptive fintech solutions and match select startups with early stage seed investments. The second is in Commercial Real Estate investments in coordination with a small group of Investors. As a result of our close relations with advisory consultants, we can draw upon significant banking experience and in depth knowledge of global finance along with Investments in Real Estate.  Having invested in prior generation startup(s) with a successful founder exit and subsequent sale of web portal makes fintech a viable value proposition.  Family investments and experience in Commercial Real estate has provided benefits and insight.


FINANCIAL Investment

Matching early angel investment with seed investors

Matching Commercial Real Estate investors utilizing a Syndicate (Club) approach with Solcapco functioning in the capacity of a General Operating Partner with a group of select Limited partners

Investments targets primarily in NY, NJ and Pennsylvania. 



Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional engagement services; however, our focus areas are in Fintech advisory, Investment  and Commercial Real Estate solutions. Our approach is directed towards making organizations efficient and to save money.



Our dynamic ability to engage and learn about the company is detailed and process oriented. We have experience with upper level executive engagement  and work closely operating units. This thorough approach to solving problems takes the entire company into consideration including capital constraints, regulatory issues and external partners.



Where do we deliver the most? A client facing consultative approach takes into consideration their needs, inputs and changes required. Hence, the solutions presented are in sync with these goals. Our depth of experience and employing best practices from Finance help in achieving optimal  outcomes.