At Solcapco, we don’t believe in following traditional finance, but instead provide insight, advice and engagement  in new financial technology (Fintech) and select Commercial Real Estate transactions. We help to develop financial applications and solutions for Investments in  Blockchain known as Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) in finance, capital markets and post trade settlement (Fixed Income, Commodities, Foreign Exchange). In addition, we are able to match early stage investment with a small group of seed investors.  Our access to these select Investors also involves Commercial Real Estate investments.

 We help you create dynamic processes in emerging technologies and invest in yield oriented investments that will drive longer success.


The entire financial industry is facing a tsunami of of digital disruption that is reshaping the entire landscape. One of the key Fintech solutions ; more widely known as Blockchain, has the potential to be a major disruptor. This application uses new real- time cryptosafe  technology to revolutionize finance. Essentially, all parties need to approve identical transactions in real time – akin to a global spreadsheet among all participants without a “trusted middleman”.

FINANCial institutions

Banks and financial institutions must evolve and create new business revenue opportunities and lower costs to gain operating and margin efficiency. Global banks can learn from startups – mobile functionality, convenience, cloud computing, agility, and personalization. The new financial renaissance is making financial institutions face critical choices: adapt and adopt or face marketplace erosion.


Do you need to make your operations leaner and raise your profits? Substantial effort is under way to realize tremendous efficiency and deploy capital more effectively. Fintech solutions from peer to peer lending, peer payment mechanisms, digital currency, and now Blockchain all are being harnessed to impact Finance. Global banks who undertake this path are going to be the beneficiaries.


It’s time to take your business to the next level. Dynamic adoption of new emerging Fintech technologies will spur growth. Our deep financial markets experience and consultative approach includes some of the best market practices honed from years of experience in Financial markets. An entire enterprise can realize growth embracing fintech which has an inherent scalability in finding effective solutions.

Blockchain Technology is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Financial markets. but has multiple industry application.  Already, applications are emerging for post trade settlement, capital markets solutions, equity share IPO issuance/settlement, fixed income, corporate registrations, foreign exchange, commodities and clearing/settlement. These sectors are ripe for disruption and banks/companies can realize tremendous savings and achieve operational efficiencies.



Regulatory and institutional sponsorship are in their early stage, expansive review will take before getting consensus approval and full adoption.  Once there is general acceptance, the next level of involvement and activity will see multi bank sponsors and governmental bodies in order to see real success. Massive investment is already pouring into Blockchain development. Nearly 1BLN USD has been committed to spur this sector and specific applications are being developed with some early trials already taking place. 



An “Uber” moment is heading directly at the entire Banking industry.  Newer Asset management platforms such as Robo-Advisers and Managed ETF’s have become defacto the new norm in the entire Fund industry. Banks are keen to participate in fierce retention of client assets, keeping fees in house and looking keenly @  utilizing newer technologies to match the low cost trend.

Startup investment is at an early stage in specific areas of Fintech; with more mature segments already being direct beneficiaries of Venture Capital Funds. Most of these Funds are now seeking alternate channels having invested staggering dollars in the Social Media/Ecommerce themes. These sectors will probably see consolidation wave with the weaker struggling platforms being merged into established Firms. This continues to leave Fintech, Edtech and Artificial Intelligence oriented startups in an enviable posture and should be direct beneficiaries for targeted investment dollars.




Pk Jain, having spent 25+ years collectively on Wall Street set up Solcapco to harness, energize the next evolution in financial markets. With collective experience in global capital markets, spanning roles in Sales/Trading/Management and Modeling/Analytics, Solcapco is ideally positioned to intersect with the newer Fintech technologies and help create robust solutions in partnership with leading edge tech startups. An Advisory group of Consultants are part of our network and able to provide insight, domain expertise and thus bridge the divide between “techies” and Financial markets. Involvement in Commercial Real Estate sector is selective and benefits from access to capital and investors looking for yield and long term appreciation. Both of these endeavors (Fintech/Commercial Real Estate) balance out in that one provides speculative growth in new emerging applications and cash flow from owning hard real assets.